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What are wave pressure plates?

It's no secret that adding unique images or special characters to your custom packaging and corrugated boxes can instantly make a lasting impression on your eyes. However, the process of delivering this design to your custom boxes may be a little less obvious. Using printing plates is one way to produce high quality images at a reasonable price. Here are the working jokes of printing plates and why they can be a great choice for your needs.

What are wave pressure plates?

Printing has been an art form for centuries, and corrugated printing plates work like impressions of wood on paper. It works with most cardboard types, shapes and dimensions, including die-cut cardboard printing. The wave pressure plate is usually made of rubber or flexible plastic and has a raised image on the surface that receives a thin layer of ink. When the plate comes in contact with the substrate, the ink is transferred to a new level and the raised image of the plate is recreated. This process is known as flexographic printing.

Each image requires a separate plate that you want to add to your box, and a separate plate for each color. Because making custom images can be a complex process that requires multiple plates, many printing companies only accept large quantities of orders. Custom images can play a huge role in raising awareness of your brand. Therefore, when you look at the ROI, the investment is often justified. Permanent branding can increase sales by up to 23%, and color branded images can increase brand awareness by up to 80%.

Advantages of using corrugated printing plates over lithographic or digital printing

In addition to printing plate techniques, digital printing and lithographic lamination methods are other options for adding pictures or sending letters to your corrugated boxes.

Lithographic printing is usually a four-color process that uses printing plates to transfer a design to a separate sheet, which is then laminated in your box. Instead of rubber or flexible plastic, these pressure plates are made of a thin metal or plastic. The result is a clear, vivid color and as bright or matte as desired. Digitally printed boxes also have the same level of clarity and image shape, but the ink lines the substrate directly instead of the plates.

Although both lithographic and digital printing have advantages, there are many obvious advantages to using printing plates on corrugated boxes.

Affordability: Although the exact cost will vary depending on the dimensions of your box and the complexity of your print design, printing plates are the most effective way to make large quantities using simple images.

Speed: Reliable and quick business is essential for business owners. Due to the straightforward process of printing plates, the print shop can usually create a full-fledged job immediately after you finish design plates.

Versatility: With its flat, non-absorbent surface, it is an ideal substrate for cardboard printing plates. You also have the option of oil or water based ink.

The benefits of relying on a custom box for your hidden corrugated boxes

At Custom Boxes we can now help you build your brand by providing custom printed boxes for shipping and packaging. Depending on your specific design and requirements, we offer digital printing, litho lamination and flex graphic printing with corrugated printing plates. When you work with us:

A quick change: We have a wide team of structural design experts to revive your custom box design. For your quick, this means prompt action, usually within three to five business days after we approve your artwork.

Unbeatable Service: We recognize the importance of high quality branding in the success of your business. Because of this, our technicians are masters in their field and are ready to assist in any necessary image adjustments or recommendations that meet our guidelines for artwork and printing. We also believe in transparency so you don't have to worry about hidden or unexpected costs. Our online configuration tool can give you an estimated cost, including shipping costs.

An easy process: Our process is simple and stress-free, so you can move on with other areas of your day-to-day operations. You need to provide everyone with relevant information to initiate your order - including your order size, image or design, box dimensions, specifications you already have, and more. We will discuss your image with you to make sure it follows the instructions and then we will estimate the cost for your project. If needed, we can also send you a structured prototype of your custom boxes. Once we receive approval, we will quickly plan and process your order.

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